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Rooftop Bar & Cafe

An elegant and modern terrace that combines minimalism with aerodynamic lines. A thin, metallic eaves to the roof canopy is supported by fine columns. The light canopy floats above while underneath people enjoy this space with the amazing views of London.

  • Type Leisure
  • Location London
  • Status Under Construction
  • Size 1550sqm
  • Year 2021
Rooftop Bar & Cafe
Rooftop Bar & Cafe

Explorations in metal

In this project, we explore different ways to use metal as a finish.

The expanded steel metal mesh with brass finish gives transparency and texture to the bar but also serves to hide the service elements. Playing with the transparency, solidity, and reflections that the mesh can give depending on where you see it from.

The brushed stainless steel, a material that is highly resistant to the weather, here uses the reflective property to blend these volumes with the environment and the colours of the sky.

The Corten is chosen as part of the landscaping of the terrace for the perimeter planters and furniture to create an open park environment. It will weather, oxidising and turning a deeper colour to show the passage of time. Creating a rustic finish in contrast to the sleek steel of the bar. Still in keeping with the elegance and modernity of the bar but with the feeling of earth.

An urban park with a stylish bar and a view over London.

Rooftop Bar & Cafe
View showing cafe folding sliding doors opened.
Rooftop Bar & Cafe
View showing cafe folding sliding doors closed.
Rooftop Bar & Cafe
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